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Apenest Book Volume One

Image of Apenest Book Volume One


Apenest Volume One
Full Color
116 Pages
Hand numbered edition of 1000

Comes in a ziploc bag with some stickers, hand printed bandanna, and an offset print by Yuri Bordas

Artists and contributors:
Kevin Cyr, Meghan Rennie, Fionn McCabe, Mike Nason, Mark Schoening, Suzannah Sinclair, Brandon Nastanski, James Quigley, Tony Bevilacqua, Alex Lukas, Andrew Burton, Cody Hoyt, Brian Butler, Mike Barnett, Patrick Casey, Conor Thompson, Damian Barneschi, Donald C. Kelley, Anabel Vazquez, Caleb Neelon, Yuri Bordas, Brian Willmont, Suzy Coady, Kanarinka, Jonah Stern, Micah Malone, Camilo Alvarez and Mark Binford.

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